Mission & Values


Waterloo Region is a welcoming community, valuing all people so they can participate in and contribute fully to community life.


To nurture inclusion and belonging by;

  • Supporting local organizations and community members to facilitate belonging and networks of support.
  • Connecting people to the community in ways that reflect dreams and strengths.
  • Encouraging contribution to the community through active participation.
  • Providing educational opportunities for people to learn about inclusion and belonging.


We believe in:

  • Inclusion: Full involvement and belonging in community for all.
  • Choice: The opportunity to choose.
  • Respect: Mutual respect and kindness for all.
  • Full Citizenship: Valued membership of community.
  • Collaboration: We value partnership – working well together with others.
  • Relationships: Social networks and friendships are critical for well-being.
  • Uniqueness: The uniqueness of each person.


We are guided by:

  • A strength-based approach – building on strengths and gifts.
  • Community as a first resort.
  • Decision making is honoured and supported by those who are trustworthy.
  • Genuine choice and action are supported by intentional planning.
  • Families and networks are engaged in the journey.
  • Creative, innovative facilitation reflects the uniqueness of each person.
  • All of our work is based on respect.